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Rating: 5 Pop Weight Los My name is Ilene, and I have lost 13 pounds following Dr. Rebecca's Pop Weight Loss Plan outlined in her Book Pop Bust the Diet Bubble and Finally Lose Weight, using Pop Protein, and taking Pop Boost. Ilene B. of Englishtown
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Welcome To Pop Weight Loss

The word “dieting” has a negative connotation to it, and it should—because dieting doesn’t work.
At Pop Weight Loss, Dr. Rebecca Cipriano understands that managing weight is not necessarily about dieting, but about complete lifestyle changes. Everything you eat and do can affect your weight management. Good nutrition and healthy habits are at the core of healthy weight loss. At Pop, we believe in sustainable, lasting weight loss through lifestyle changes and education – not weight loss on a temporary basis.
Pop Weight Loss has revolutionized the way people live their lives. Instead of using gimmicks such as prepackaged foods and restricted calorie diets, or calorie-counting and points-based methods used by other weight loss companies, Pop Weight Loss provides clients with access to the knowledge they need to lose weight and keep it off. When men, women, and children follow our Pop Plan of lifestyle changes, they will not only lose weight but improve their overall health.
There are four aspects that should be included in any personal weight management solution:
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle and schedule
  • Overall health
  • Fitness
By focusing on overall health instead of just the number on the scale, Pop provides clients with a complete wellness solution. Here at Pop, our team members strive to provide the one-on-one support you need to lose weight and keep the weight off – for good! We want to hear from you when you are struggling so we can support you on every step of your journey. Here at Pop, we help clients change their habits through behavioral modification. By making a positive transition to a healthier lifestyle, we work to reduce the incidence of chronic conditions and medical problems like obesity and type II diabetes. We believe that Pop Weight Loss is the preventative medicine of the future.
If you are ready to stop dieting and battle the bulge with sustainable lifestyle changes, contact the Pop Weight Loss Team. Email to schedule a consultation, or call us today at 888.373.THIN/8446. We are ready to help you burst the diet bubble and manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable way today!

Dr. Rebecca's Mantra:

  1. I will think about what I am going to eat prior to eating
  2. I will select healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans, and fish and chicken
  3. I will be conscious of not overeating
  4. I will avoid junk food and prepackaged food as much as possible
  5. I will make an effort to stick to my eating schedule
  6. I will control my eating one day at a time and develop a new relationship with food
  7. I will deal with my personal problems and not eat under stress
  8. I will be conscious of food traps
  9. I will take pride in controlling my weight
  10. I will be patient to reach my weight goals
  11. I will not go back to my poor eating habits even if my progress is slow
  12. I will treat myself the best way I can
  13. I will take advantage of this opportunity forever
  14. I will practice only good eating habits
  15. I will make exercise a habit
  16. I will recognize my strengths often and avoid self-criticism
  17. I will aspire to be the person of my dreams
  18. I will think of food for health instead of food for comfort
  19. I will surround myself with positive people who are also living a healthy lifestyle
  20. I will balance out each day
  21. If I stray from eating healthily, I will immediately regroup